Shri Satyanarayan puja Katha and Aarti

satyanarayan puja

Shri Satyanarayan puja Katha and Aarti

Shri Satyanarayan Puja is worship of Lord Vishnu. In this the Satya means the truth and the Narayan Means the heighest being. Through the Satyanarayan Puja we worship lord Vishnu to make us strong in every situation of life and to fulfill all the wishes of every person in the family who take part in this Satyanarayan Puja. This is a belief that by the Satyanarayn Puja the Lord Vishnu keeps his blessing on every members of the family and stays for their well being in every moment of the life. Below are the Sections of the Stayanarayn Puja. Read all the sections carefully and end with the Aarti of Lord Vishnu.

Satyanarayn Puja Section 1:

At some point in the far off past while daring to all aspects of the three universes, Yogiraj Narad Muni accomplished Mrityulok(Planet Earth), he saw the people persisting enormously. He passed by the home Lord Vishnu, who alone can facilitate the mankind from the sufferings.

There he met the Almighty Lord Vishnu with four arms having Shankha, Chakra, Gadha and Padma, wearing Tulsi Mala (trim) in his neck. He started to approach and requested “Benevolent Lord!!! You are the transcendent power, nothing can touch you, not by any methods wind or cerebrum can get you, your vitality is limitless, you know everything, you help your aficionados to crush their sufferings and bothers.” Hearing each one of the pleadings of Sadhu Narad Muni, the Almighty Supreme Lord Vishnu, knowing everything asked Narad Muni “Charitable Narad! Why have you come to me and what do you require from me, let me know, I have to hear the same from you.”

Yogiraj Narad Muni replied, Oh Lord! I just went to Mrityulok, where I saw an extensive variety of individuals persisting in trouble due to their past karma. Generous Lord! the Almighty, is there zero chance that their wretchedness ends up being less or is it possible that they get complete moksha (help) from their sufferings. Accepting this is the situation, please let us know. The Lord, immediately replied “Goodness Narad! you have represented a fair request for the benefit of all humankind.”

To free mankind from all sufferings, and to finally accomplish Heaven , there is one virt (speedy), and today I will uncover to every one of you about it. Any person who does Shri Satyanarayan’s Virt and Puja (request) in the right way; will get each one of the enjoyments on earth and will accomplish his goal.

Yogiraj NaradMuni by then asked, “Goodness Lord!, has anyone kept this fast some time as of late? This virt is done on which day and how exactly is it done? Generously do tell every one of us the purposes of intrigue.”

Whosoever does Bhagwan Shri Satyanarayanji’s Katha with Brahmin and with his family with full traditions will be facilitated of his sufferings and troubles, will be gave with increase in wealth and savvy; will be respected with kids; get general triumph and extended commitment.

For this supplication, one requires riped bananas, ghee, deplete and choori (made with wheat flour, ghee and sugar). After the supplications, all present must have the prasad and after that take their meals together, and afterward sing, laud, and serenade mantras of Lord Satyanarayan. By doing this, their wishes will be fulfilled. This virt in kalyug gives the assistance (adjust) quickly.

This area of Shri Satyanarayn Puja is done. All serenade (say) Shri Satyanarayanji Ki Jai.

Satyanarayn Puja Section 2:

The Lord said “Generous Narad! By and by I will illuminate you in regards to the primary person who did this brisk. In a place named Sunder Kashipur, there used to bear on a to a great degree unadulterated brahmin. In craving and thirst; he used to wander for his step by step bread. Right when the esteeming Lord saw the Brahmin in trouble and asking step by step; he took cover of an old Brahmin and asked him, “Generous Dear!, why are you so forsaken. If its all the same to you reveal to me about your inconveniences. Is there any way I could empower you to out?”

The Brahmin told the Lord, “I am a poor Brahmin and I wander step by step for bread. Do you know whether there is any way to deal with leave this trouble?”

The Old Brahmin (ie. the Lord ) said “Ruler Satyanarayanji yields each one of the cravings of the extensive number of people. Dear Brahmin, that is the reason if you go to him and keep his snappy you will overcome all your misery and get moksha.”

In the wake of revealing to him each one of the purposes of enthusiasm of the supplication and the fast; the old Brahmin ie. the Lord vanished.

The brahmin couldn’t rest that night. He kept considering the fast and the supplication which the Lord had asked for that he do. In the morning, he woke up with the prospect that regardless he ought to do the supplication and went out for his biksha. On that day the Brahmin got a lot of money from which he bought all the central things for the request; called his family and ruled Satyanarayanji’s supplication. Along these lines, the Brahmin vanquished each one of his upsets and wound up evidently rich. From that time onwards, he used to do the petitions every month without miss the mark.

Thusly, whoever rulers Satyanarayanji’s supplication will get moksha. Anyone on earth who does this request of will be reduced from all bothers.

Right when Narad Muni saw that the all inclusive community on earth were restless to consider alternate people who kept this speedy; he depicted another story.

A comparable Brahmin now a rich individual used to do the supplication reliably without crash and burn with his family. When he was doing his supplication, a wood-cutter go starting there. Ensuing to keeping the pile of wood outside the brahmin’s home, he went in for some water. The dry wood-cutter saw the brahmin doing his petitions. He bowed down to the Brahmin and asked him, “Goodness Brahmin, what’s occurring with you, please uncover to me about it.” The Brahmin replied, “To surrender each one of the longings of people, this speedy and appeal to is useful. I have increased all the wealth and reputation by doing this supplication of Lord Satyanarayanji.” After finding out about the request of and drinking the water, the wood-cutter felt playful, he ate the prasad and left for his home.

Considering Lord Satyanarayanji in his mind, he said “Whatever today, I get from offering the wood, I will in like manner do this request.” So considering, he kept the stack of wood on his head and left home-wards. In travel home he went wandering in Sunder Nagar for offering the wood. On that day, he got four times more money than anticipated, for the wood. Feeling happy, he went and obtained each something basic for the petitions (ie. prepared bananas, sugar, ghee, wheat flour, et cetera) and proceeded with home-wards. On accomplishing his home and ensuing to cleaning it, he called his family and did the supplication with due respect.

The reward of the brisk was that, he wound up recognizably rich and had each one of the enjoyments of life on this planet and toward the complete of his life he went to heaven.

This piece of Lord Satyanarayn Puja is done. All chant(say) Shri Satyanarayanji ki Jai.

Satyanarayn Puja Section 3 :

Sadhuraj Narad stated, “Gracious Dear People!, Now let me reveal to you another story. There was a ruler named Ulkamuk. He was extremely astute. He would go day by day to the sanctuary and offer gifts to the Brahmins. His significant other was a devout and delightful woman. At the banks of Madhushala stream, one day, when they were doing Lord Shri Satyanarayanji’s supplication, an affluent specialist was going from that point. He tied down his pontoon, and went up to the lord and asked him, “Gracious King, what are you doing with so much bhakti? I wish to know-please disclose to me about it.”

The lord answered, “Goodness vendor! , I am petitioning the considerable Almigthy, the shelter supplier Lord Satyanarayanji for a child. The vendor on hearing this, asked for the ruler to reveal to him about the quick and petition as he was childless as well. The lord revealed to him the full subtle elements of the petition and quick. In the wake of hearing every one of the subtle elements, he chose in his brain to keep this quick. The shipper at that point left home-wards. On achieving home, he informed his significant other Leelawati all concerning the quick and supplication and stated, “We will do this quick when we get a kid.”

One day, with the finesse of Lord Satyanarayanji his significant other ended up noticeably pregnant. In ten months time, she brought forth an excellent little girl. They named her Kalawati. Days cruised by; one day, Leelawati gradually and sweetly reminded her better half about the supplication and quick and asked for him to satisfy his guarantee. The dealer told his significant other that amid the season of Kalawati’s wedding it is anything but difficult to watch the same; for right now he was occupied in his business; so saying he exited for his business trek to different towns.

Kalawati grew up to be a delightful young lady. At the point when the trader saw that his little girl was of eligible age; he called the go between and asked for him to scan an equivalent match for his little girl. Hearing the trader’s demand, the relational arranger achieved Kanchan Nagar. From that point, he brought the proposition of a youthful attractive kid.

The shipper enjoyed the proposition, for the kid had all great qualities as well. He at that point addressed the kid’s folks and settled his girl’s marriage. The marriage was finished with all the religious functions and customs. Lamentably, the dealer overlooked his guarantee to do Lord Satyanarayanji’s supplication and quick. The Lord got irate at the false guarantee made by the shipper.

The dealer, following a couple of days, left for his business trip with his child in-law. They tied down their watercraft in an excellent town, named Ratanpur. Back then, King Chandraketu used to control the town. The Lord was furious with the vendor for the false guarantee made by him, and so he needed to show him a lesson.

One day, the criminals burglarized the abundance of the lord and they went and stayed where the vendor was remaining. Seeing the watchmen tailing them, they cleared out all the plunder over yonder (where the trader was staying), and concealed themselves. At the point when the watchmen achieved the shipper’s place, they saw all the ruler’s riches. Supposing them to be burglars, they bound the trader and his child in-law and took them to the ruler and revealed to him that they wer in charge of the burglary. The lord, without addressing or tuning in to them requested to place them in a dim cell. Because of Lord Satyanarayanji’s maya, no one heard them. Indeed, even their riches was seized by the lord.

At the shipper’s home, the hoodlums looted all their riches and his better half and girl needed to ask for their day by day bread. One day, asking for nourishment, Kalawati achieved a Brahmin’s home where around then Lord Satyanarayanji’s puja was going on. In the wake of tuning in to the petition and taking the prasad, she cleared out for home. At that point, it had turned out to be dull.

Leelawati was stressed. She asked her little girl Kalawati, why are you so late? To which Kalawati disclosed to her mom, “Gracious Mother, today in a Brahmin’s home, I heard a petition. By doing this petition and quick, every one of your desires get satisfied.” On hearing this, Leelawati began doing every one of the arrangements for the supplication of Lord Satyanarayanji. She did the quick and supplication and approached the Lord for absolution and asked that her better half and her child in-law should return home securely.

Master Satyanarayanji was satisfied with the supplication and the quick. One day, he disclosed to King Chandraketu in his fantasy, “Goodness King, Yoy must discharge the trader and his child in-law from the dull cell, tomorrow morning. Give them their riches and set them free. In the event that you don’t do as such, your kingdom will be obliterated.” In the morning, the ruler called the court individuals and informed them concerning the fantasy.

The court individuals in the wake of catching wind of the fantasy, reached the conclusion to free the trader and his child in-law.They requested that the watchmen bring the detainees from the dull cell. Lord Chandraketu gave them great garments, all their riches and in addition to some more and set them free. The lord revealed to them that because of their wrong-doings, they needed to experience this torment, yet now there was nothing to fear and they could backpedal home. They bowed down to the ruler and left home-wards.

This section of Lord Satyanarayn Puja is finished. All serenade (say) Shri Satyanarayanji ki Jai.

Satyanarayn Puja Section 4 :

Sutji stated, “The trader implored first and then gave some riches to the Brahmin before beginning his excursion home-wards. When they went minimal further, Lord Satyanarayanji needed to test them. He took the camouflage of an old man and went upto the trader and asked him, “What is in your watercraft, give me little from that point.” In his inner self and pride, the vendor answered, “Gracious Old man, we don’t have anything in our vessel aside from roughage and clears out.” On hearing such cruel expressions of the shipper, the Lord stated, “Your words will be valid”. So saying, he went from that point and sat on the bank of the waterway.

At the point when the Lord left, the pontoon began to ascend higher in the water. The dealer was amazed at this. When he went to check in the pontoon, he saw that his watercraft was loaded with leaves and roughage as it were. Seeing this he blacked out. When he woke up, he was especially stressed. He said “How could this happen?” At this, his child in-law let him know, “Don’t cry over this. All has happened on the grounds that you talked cruelly to the old man and deceived him. In any case, nothing is lost. You could backpedal to him and request absolution and he will set everything right.

The shipper, subsequent to hearing the expressions of his child in-law went looking for the old man. He bowed down before him and with deference stated, “Gracious Lord, please excuse me for the false brutal words that I have addressed you.” So saying, he bowed down with tears of distress in his eyes. At the point when the Lord, saw the shipper in his condition of sorrowness and sobbing for absolution, he stated, “Don’t cry. Hear me out. Goodness stupid individual, because of your false guarantee, you have seen this distress and enduring.” On hearing the Lord say this, the shipper stated, “Gracious Lord, Nobody can perceive your maya. Not even the Gods or Brahmins know your ways and structures. I guarantee that I will appeal to you”, so saying he requested absolution. He stated, “Please excuse me, and let my pontoon be loaded with riches at the end of the day, as some time recently.”

On hearing the vendor’s words loaded with bhakti, the Lord was cheerful and he satisfied his desire. At the point when the dealer mounted his vessel and saw it full with riches once more, he expressed gratitude toward the Lord and stated, “With Lord Satyanarayanji’s beauty, my desire is satisfied. When I achieve home, I will do his supplication and quick”, so saying he cleared out home-wards.

At the point when the vendor saw that the place where he grew up Ratanpur is nearing, he sent an envoy ahead of time, to his home to educate his better half and little girl of his home-coming. The delivery person, on achieving the vendor’s home, bowed down to the shipper’s better half and gave them the most anticipated news that the trader and his child in-law have achieved Ratanpur.

Leelawati had recently wrapped up her Satyanarayan Puja. She disclosed to her little girl to wrap up the petition and then come and get her significant other and her dad. Kalawati wrapped up her rapidly and without taking the prasad left to meet her significant other. The Lord got furious at her conduct, so he suffocated her better half with the watercraft. At the point when Kalawati did not see her significant other; she was stunned and she blacked out on the floor.

On observing his little girl in this situation and the sudden vanishing of the vessel, the trader was stunned. He appealed to Lord Satyanarayanji, approached him for absolution and petitioned the Lord to remove them from this trouble. The Lord at that point made an annoucement, “Goodness trader, your little girl, in a rush to meet her better half has left my prasad; henceforth you can’t see her significant other. Presently, when she backpedals and brings the prasad with due regard and then returns; at exactly that point she will see her better half.” On hearing the voice, Kalawati ran home, ate the prasad and returned and met her significant other. At the point when the trader saw this, he was exceptionally upbeat.

The shipper at that point lorded Satyanarayanji’s supplications and quick with his family consistently. At long last, he had every one of the joys of life and after death, he went to paradise.

This part of Lord Satyanarayan Puja is finished. All serenade (say) Lord Satyanarayanji ki Jai.

Satyanarayn Puja Section 5 :

Sutji stated, “Gracious individuals, listen further to another story.”

A lord named Tungdhwaj was acclaimed for his liberality to his subjects. Be that as it may, he needed to endure a ton, because of the irreverence he had appeared to the petition of Lord Satyanarayanji and his prasad, which he didn’t acknowledge when it was offered to him.

One day, when chasing in a backwoods, he sat down under a tree. There he saw a couple of villagers doing the petition of Lord Satyanarayanji. The King saw this yet because of his false sense of self, niether did he go along with them nor bowed down to the symbol of the Lord. At the point when the villagers gave him the prasad, he didn’t acknowledge it and left from that point.

At the point when the King achieved his Kingdom, he saw that everything was decimated and all his 100 children were lying dead on the floor. The King understood this had happened all because of his false inner self. So considering, he began strolling towards where the villagers were doing their supplications. There, with them, he did the petitions of Lord Satyanarayanji and had the prasad and the charna-amrit (ie. drain, sugar, curds, tulsi leaves and nectar combined) and place it in all his child’s mouths. By doing this, every one of his children turned out to be okay. He got back all his riches and solaces of life and at long last at last, after he passed on, he went to paradise.

Anyone who keeps this quick with full confidence and discuss the petitions of Lord Satyanarayanji; every one of his desires will be satisfied. With the beauty of the Lord, he will get endlessness; the wealthless will get riches; and will go to paradise and at long last will leave the hover of birth and demise.

The names of the people who kept this quick and took re-birth are as per the following :- – The Brahmin took birth as Sudama and in all his years he served the Lord Krishna and accomplished moksha. Ruler Ulkamuk took birth as King Dashrath, and in that life he turned into the father of Lard Rama and achieved endlessness. The dealer took birth as King Morad, who cut his child down the middle and offered to the Lord and got moksha. Ruler Tunghdwaj took birth as Kewat, who took Lord Rama over the stream, served him and got moksha.

Along these lines, whoever lords Satyanarayan’s petition will be free from all distresses and will eventually achieve paradise and get moksha.

This part of Lord Satyanarayan puja is finished. All serenade (say) Lord Satyanarayanji ki Jai.

Below are the Satyanarayn Puja Aarti to end up with and do not forget to take Prasad of Satyanarayn Puja

Satyanarayan Puja – Aarti

Jai Lakshmi Ramana, Swami Jai Lashmi Ramana, Satyanarayan Swami, Jan Patak Harana, Jai Lakshmi Ramana

Ratan Ja Rat Singhasan, Adhbut Chabee Rajey Narad Kahat Niranjan, Ghanta dhun bhajey Jai Lakshmi Ramana………….

Praghat Bhaye Kali Karan, Dwaj Ko Daras Diya Budha Brahman Bankey, Kanchan Mahal Kiya Jai Lakshmi Ramana………….

Durbal Bhil Kathier, Jan Par Kripa Karey Chandra Choor Ik Raja, Jinaki Vipat Hare Jai Lakshmi Ramana………….

Vayesh Manorath Payo, Shradha Uj Dini So Fal Bhogyo Prabhji, Fer Ustati Kini Jai Lakshmi Ramana………….

Bhav Bhagti Ke Karan, Chhin Chhin Roop Dharya Sharda Dharan Kini, Tin Ka Karj Sarya Jai Lakshmi Ramana………….

Gwal Bal Sang Raja, Ban Mein Bhagti Karey Man Vanchit Fal Dino, Deen Dayal Harey Jai Lakshmi Ramana………….

Charhat Prasad Sawayo, Kadali Fal Mewa Doop Dheep Tulsi Se, Raje Sat Deva Jai Lakshmi Ramana………….

Shri Satya Narayan Ji Ki Aarti jo koi gaavey Kahat Shianand Swami Man Van Chit Fal Paavey Jai Lakshmi Ramana………….

Shri Vishnu Aarti

Om jai jagdish harey, Swami jai jagdish harey Bhagt jano ke sankat, shan mein door karey Om jai jagdish harey

Jo Dhiyavay phal pavay dukh binase man ka Swami dukh binase man ka Sukh Sampati ghar aavey kasht mitay tan ka Om jai jagdish harey

Mat Pita tum mere, sharan pau kisaki Swami sharan pau kisaki Tum bin aur na duja aash karoo jisaki Om jai jagdish harey

Tum pooran parmatma tum antaryami Swami tum antaryami Par Brahm parmeshwar tum sabke swami Om jai jagdish harey

Tum karuna ke sagar tum palan karta Swami tum palan karta Mae murakh kul kami kripa karo bharta Om jai jagdish harey

Tum ho ek agochar sabh ke pranpati Swami sabh ke pranpati Kisa bida milu gusai tumko mae kumati Om jai jagdish harey

Din Bandu dukh harta thakur tum mere Swami thakur tum mere Apne hath uthao, apnay charan lagao Dwar khada tere Om jai jagdish harey

Vishay vikar mitao pap haro deva Swami pap haro deva Sharda Bhakti Badao, Santan ki sewa Om jai jagdish harey

Om jai jagdish harey, Swami jai jagdish harey Bhagt jano ke sankat, shan mein door karey Om jai jagdish harey

Reference : Shri Satyanarayan

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