Deadly Punishments After Death Mentioned in Garuda Puran

Please read all the punishments care fully and try to do some good deeds in your life so as to rescue from this kind of punishments after death. If you believe in God then believe in these punishments too. Don’t think that we will see what happens after death because your deeds will get counted there and in case of sin your soul will be punished a lot. So please do good and definitely God will count on you and will protect you from every kind of situation as he is every where and watching us all the time.

Garuda Purana, the heavenly unique manuscript of Hindu religion which briefs about the life after death of an individuals. Garuda Purana is acknowledged to be the an exchange of specific information over human’s life, re-birth (resurrection), human passing, remembrance benefit functions, post-presence and various other contrasting situations and the Garuda (a kind of feathered animal) by the Lord Vishnu. Garuda Purana shed’s light on the possibility of heaven and hellfire which are achieved by a vast part of the overall public to be same in these present day days of lifestyle. Experience the communicated orders of Garuda Puranas to fathom what unequivocally do you justify in perspective of your karma.

Garuda which is a bit of eighteen Puranas of Hindu body compositions called as Smriti mostly weights on the reason and significance of human life researching the exchange of Lord Vishnu and Garuda (King of Birds). The Vaishnava Purana unique duplicate Garuda Purana incorporates particulars and information about the post-presence, dedication benefit traditions and the enchantment of resurrection, and thusly is displayed as an area Antyesti (Antim Sanskar) or internment benefit functions (commemoration benefit convention) in Hinduism. The medium evaluated Garuda Purana which is delegated Purana which addresses goodness and perfection by the Padma Purana containing nineteen thousand shlokas and 28 disciplines for the bastards who submit distinctive severe acts in the midst of their lifetime.

Brutal punishments which have been recorded and indicated in the Garuda Purana are so ignoble and roughshod that no peruser of the Purana would wish to get repelled with those disciplines of their souls after death. Disciplines of the Garuda Purana are depicted as ‘The Torments of Yama’ as per the discourse of ace Vishnu and Garuda. Here is the once-over of 28 Garuda Purana Punishments portrayed in the book,

Tamisram (Thrashed Heavily)

Crime: The people who try to take illegal possession on other’s property. The people who does robbery. The people who surcharges interests on money by lending loan to others.

Punishment: Souls which are declared under this punishment will be thrashed until the victim gets bleed and fainted till the end of their time period.

Andhatamtrsam (Taking Out Eyes)

Crime: Soulmates, husbands and wives who cheats their partners in a relationship.

Punishment: Including thrashing the victim, he is tied up to a pole and the eye balls are taken out slowly, so as to make the victim feel the enormous pain.

Rauravam (Beating and throwing into well of deadly snakes)

Crime: The person who enjoys other property or resources with through possession

Punishment: The victim is tortured with serpents and is thrown into the well containing the deadly snakes.

Kumbhipakam (Frying in extremely hot oil)

Crime: Killing the animals for pleasure

Punishment: The souls are thrown into boiling oil an fried and tortured.

Kalasutram  (Hot as Hell)

Crime: Disrespecting, torturing and putting elders & parents in starvation

Punishment: The victim souls are made to run around the unbearable heat and drop down to exhausted time to time as they have done to their elder ones.

Asitapatram (Pierced with sword-shaped metal)

Crime:  Abandon, giving up one’s own duty, abetting god and violate dharma practices

Punishment: The accused soul is pierced with sword shaped metal and is hanged with the support of the metal upside down.

Sukaramukham (Crushed)

Crime: Disregarding duties and persecute their subjects by misrule, punishing innocent people and accomplice unlawful activities

Punishment: The accused soul is crushed to pulp and are beaten heavily and is grinded by the heavy teeth of the animals.

Andhakupam (Attack by the animals)

Crime: Discouraging and not helping needy despite having the resources, oppressing good people, torturing lives and inhuman activities.

Punishment: attacked by the deadliest animals like lions, tigers, venomous snakes, eagles, vultures etc.

Krimibhojanam (Eaten by Insects)

Crime: Dishonoring guests, Using people for self-needs and gains, eating and benefiting from other’s work

Punishment: Sinners are subjected to worms, insects and serpents which would eat their souls and bodies until the punishment period ends with the continuous process. Insects are left intruding the body.

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